What kind of videos does YouTube like?

What kind of videos does YouTube like?

The process of promoting videos on YouTube is similar to website promotion, but at the same time has a number of features. In addition to SEO characteristics, such as the number of keywords, links, and so on, how the video is perceived by viewers is also important. Let’s figure out what you need to do to promote a video on YouTube.

As in the case of SEO, it is impossible to unequivocally name the factors influencing the promotion of a video on YouTube. But some patterns are still known.

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Audience retention. This is the percentage of people who have watched the video to the end. It is worth mentioning here that this factor affects the promotion in conjunction with the video duration. Obviously, a 30-second video will be watched by many more people than a 15-minute one, but the time spent on the site is also important for YouTube. Therefore, long videos (over 10 minutes) with high retention are the best candidates for getting into the TOP.
Optimization of the title and description. Key words must be specified here. It is also important that the description is long and unique.

Number of views. It is useless to promote a video that no one is watching, but a popular video with a large number of views will be supported by the system. Only the views must be real — YouTube easily calculates the markups. Also, the number of embedded videos (posted on other sites) is important for promotion.
Other custom factors. This can include the number of likes / dislikes and subscriptions, the number of additions to favorites and shares. All these indicators are very easy to cheat, which means that they are not of the greatest importance for promoting videos on YouTube. The system counts them only if the user somehow interacted with the content (watched the video, wrote a comment, etc.).

Now you can see that the main factor contributing to YouTube video promotion is audience retention and views. Simply put, videos should be interesting.

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